Hi, I’m Nicole!

Your Financial Literacy Coach

I’m here to remove the uncertainty and doubts you may face around money and to change your “one day” to “today.”

How it began

For years I focused on climbing the corporate ladder, thinking that the next rung would bring a greater sense of peace. Then, when the peace didn’t come, I re-grouped and reached for the next rung, the next personal best at running, more followers on Instagram. You name it; I was after it.

This cycle continued for seven years (12 if you include college).

Until 2020.

Suddenly I was forced to slow down. Literally. I blacked out on the sidewalk in the middle of Seattle. And no one asked if I was okay.

So I asked myself.

And what I found was that my definition of “success” no longer included job titles, prestige, or busyness. I wanted rest. I wanted less doing and more of just being me.

My definition of success became:

A life untethered from external boundaries around when I work, rest, and play. Unhindered by restrictions on where I can live.

A life filled with leisure and exploration and home.

And so, Cultivating Cash was born.

How it’s going

My journey began with manifesting more time for self-reflection and going after my dreams and less time staring at excel files for a company that gave 10% to my 90%.

I used this extra time to reflect on how I could make an impact by doing something I enjoy. That I found meaningful and fulfilling. This led me to combine my 10+ years of experience in finance with my lifelong passion for writing.

I started freelancing as a blog editor and ghostwriter for companies in the personal finance and fintech industries–helping them spread knowledge to individuals and small businesses alike. I wrote for companies like SmartBlogger, which helps people build financial freedom online, and Clever Girl Finance, an educational platform supporting women on their journey to financial success.

And I started a personal finance blog, spreading financial literacy to over 70,000 people. Because money is for everyone.

But I wanted to make an even bigger impact. To get up close and personal with women yearning to escape their 9-5 and really live.

So I quit my job and launched Wealth On Purpose. Because my dream is to help you achieve yours.

If something in my story spoke to you, reach out! I’d love to connect and hear your story.

My Core Values


We recognize that there is always more to learn, improve, embrace, and let go. And that’s beautiful.


Working hard and “hustling” are not the same thing. We focus on impact, not volume.


Never ask permission to take up space. Your needs matter.


Every voice matters. Including yours.