40+ Underrated Saving Money Hacks (That Won’t Destroy Joy!)

You work hard and earn a decent income, but somehow, your bank account never seems to reflect your efforts.

You’re frustrated with yourself. Discouraged. Prone to thinking, “why bother?”

You’re not alone. Many successful women just like you struggle with finding the right balance between spending and saving.

But I think this mindset and tendencies will change once you learn that you don’t have to sacrifice your quality of life or completely overhaul your lifestyle to save money. Just implement a handful of simple yet effective adjustments to your daily life.

As inspiration, I pulled together this list of 40+ practical and actionable saving money hacks that won’t leave you feeling deprived or overwhelmed.

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What is the #1 trick to saving money?

It’s not some fancy investment strategy or a coupon-clipping frenzy.

It’s mindset.

Think about it. 

If you believe saving money is hard, tedious, or impossible, you’re setting yourself up for failure before you even start. But, if you shift your mindset to one of abundance, positivity, and possibility, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

But how do you change your money mindset?

Start by asking yourself some tough questions. For example, do you really need that designer bag? Or take-out when you have a full fridge at home? Or dog toy #85?

By challenging your spending habits and focusing on your long-term money goals first, you can make better choices and save more money.

So, why not choose a winning attitude and start saving big with the following strategies?

Check out this article for more on mindset: Why Money Mindset Matters (6 Steps to Improve Yours Today!)

Finance hacks for saving money

Ready to start saving some serious cash? It’s time to optimize those finances! 

With simple tips and tricks, you can keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.   

5 finance hacks for saving money

Try a no-spending day

Make it a weekly challenge! Dedicate one day a week to being a “no-spend day.”

Use the day to try new hobbies, catch up with friends, or relax without spending a dime. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save over time.

Plus, seeing how creative you can get with your entertainment options is a fun challenge. 

Commit to a weekly money date

Schedule a regular time each week to review your finances.

Getting intimate with your spending habits and understanding where your money is going is important. So use this time to track your expenses, update your budget, and set financial goals.

And to make it easy (and thus add a level of stickability), consider using budgeting apps to track your spending. I use YNAB.

Carry cash

If you struggle to stick to your budget, consider using cash instead of credit cards.

Carrying cash will give you a better sense of how much you can spend and keep you more accountable for your purchases.

Don’t believe me? What about science?

Studies have shown that people tend to spend less when using cash, so try it and see if it works for you.

carry cash with this wallet

Automate your savings

Are you struggling to save money? Make it automatic.

Set up a recurring transfer from your checking to your savings account. Automating your savings will remove the temptation to spend your hard-earned cash. Plus, it’s an effortless way to save for your financial goals.

And if you want to take it a step further, consider increasing the amount of money saved in your automatic transfer every few months. This small action can make a big impact on your long-term savings goals.

Know the difference between needs vs wants

Do you really need that designer handbag or those fancy shoes? Or are they just wants?

Understanding the difference between needs and wants is key to saving money.

Before purchasing, ask yourself, “Is this a need or a want?” If it’s a want, try delaying the purchase or finding a more affordable alternative.

Home hacks to save money

Tired of your hard-earned money disappearing into thin air because of the inevitable costs of housing?

6 home hacks to save money

With simple tweaks and tricks, you can keep more cash in your wallet and keep the lights on. 

Don’t let utilities bleed you dry

Take control with a smart thermostat.

These nifty devices can learn your routine and adjust the temperature accordingly, saving you serious cash. Plus, you can control it remotely from your phone to make sure the heat isn’t cranked up when you’re not even home.

Who knew a little gadget could be such a money-saving hero?

save money with this thermostat

Line dry your sh*t

Say goodbye to costly dryer bills!

Line drying your clothes is a budget-friendly and environmentally-friendly alternative. (And is it just me, or is there something nostalgic and romantic about hanging clothes on the line on a sunny day?)

As a bonus: The heat from the dryer can damage fabrics and cause shrinkage. So not only will line drying save you money, but you’ll also extend the life of your clothes.

Close the blinds

Are you letting the sun in during hot summer days? 

Close those blinds and enjoy the savings. Blocking out the sun’s rays will keep your home cooler and save on air conditioning costs. 

In addition to closing the blinds, consider investing in blackout curtains or shades for even more energy savings. Or install reflective window film to deflect the sun’s heat.

Hint: These simple changes will not only save you money on your energy bill but also help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Change the color of your font (no, really)

Printing documents can be costly, but there’s a small hack that can help you save money on printer ink: change the color of your font!

By simply switching from black to blue, you can significantly reduce your ink usage without sacrificing readability.

Plus, it’s yet another easy way to be more environmentally conscious.

Make your own cleaning supplies

Ditch the pricey cleaning products and make your own!

From all-purpose cleaners to window sprays, homemade cleaning supplies are not only cheaper, but they’re also safer for you and the environment. You can easily find recipes for homemade cleaning products online; most ingredients are already in your pantry.

Plus, it’s satisfying to know exactly what’s in the products you’re using to clean your home and you’ll also be reducing the amount of plastic waste you produce.

Listen to your dad, turn the lights off

Your dad was onto something with his advice to turn off the lights.

Take it further by swapping traditional bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs, which last longer and use less electricity.

And don’t stop there. Unplug appliances when they’re not in use to save even more.

Grocery saving money hacks

If you’re looking to save money and cut unnecessary expenses, there are plenty of ways to do so without sacrificing your lifestyle.

8 saving money hacks for groceries

You can keep more money in your pocket and work towards your financial goals by making simple changes to your daily habits and routines.

So let’s dive into some grocery saving hacks.

Make (and stick to) a meal plan

Meal planning can save you money and time.

By creating a plan, you can eliminate the need for last-minute trips to the grocery store and avoid the temptation of eating out.

Make a list of meals for the week and stick to it. Shop for ingredients in bulk and look for sales. And don’t be afraid to use leftovers in new dishes.

Tip: Meal planning can also help you eat healthier, as you have more control over what goes into your meals.

Get cash back on receipts

Did you know you can earn money back on grocery shopping with apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51?

Check the app for deals and coupons before you shop. Then, after your trip, take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app to earn cashback on items you already planned to buy.

These apps offer a hassle-free and easy way to save money on your grocery bills. Plus, they often have promotions and bonuses for using the app regularly.

Ditch the cart

Using a shopping basket instead of a cart can be a great way to save money and make more intentional purchases.

When you have a basket, you’re limited in what you can buy based on what you can physically carry. This can be a great way to prevent impulse buys and overspending.

Another benefit of using a basket is that it can help you stick to your shopping list. With limited space, you’re less likely to add extra items that aren’t necessary. Plus, you can visually see how much you’re buying and be more aware of your spending.

Brand name isn’t everything

When trying to save money, buying generic or store-brand items is an easy and effective way to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

In fact, many store-brand products are made with the same ingredients and follow the same manufacturing process as the more expensive brand-name products.

So next time you’re shopping, take a closer look at the store-brand options and try them. You might even prefer the generic version over the brand-name one!

Cook at home

Cooking at home can be an enjoyable and cost-effective way to enjoy delicious meals.

With countless resources available online and in cookbooks, finding simple and tasty recipes has never been easier. And not only is cooking at home budget-friendly, but it also allows you to control the ingredients and portion sizes.

This means you can avoid costly restaurant markups and eat healthier by using fresh, whole ingredients.

Write a list and check it twice

Planning ahead can make a big difference in your grocery budget.

Take some time to create a shopping list before heading to the store, and prioritize the items you need. Having a list makes you less likely to make impulse purchases and overspend.

Another helpful tip is to check your pantry and fridge before shopping. This will help you avoid buying items you already have, and you can plan meals around what you already have on hand.

Tip: Consider buying non-perishable items in bulk to save money in the long run (and on a long run).

Stop buying bottled water

Investing in a reusable water bottle can help you save money and reduce waste over time.

When you buy single-use plastic water bottles, you’re paying for the bottle and packaging, which can add up quickly. But a reusable water bottle can be a one-time purchase that can last for years if properly cared for.

And if you’re worried about the taste of your tap water, consider using a filter to improve its quality.

Use a reusable water bottle

Buy in-season

Shopping for in-season produce saves money and offers better flavor and nutrition.

This is because in-season produce is harvested at the peak of ripeness, making it tastier and more nutritious. Additionally, buying in-season produce is often cheaper because it is more abundant, reducing the need for transportation and storage costs.

To make the most of seasonal produce, consider buying in bulk and preserving it for later use. You can freeze fruits and vegetables to enjoy year-round or can them for long-term storage.

Travel hacks for saving money

Traveling can be a luxurious experiencec that can cost you an arm and a leg.

But who says you have to break the bank to travel in style? Using a little bit of savvy and a lot of creativity, you can save a ton of money on your next adventure.

Use foreign websites

One way to save money is by checking local websites for hotel deals, tours, and attractions.

6 travel hacks for saving money

By doing so, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also get a more authentic experience by exploring the area like a local. Plus, you may discover hidden gems that are less popular with tourists.

Additionally, research public transportation options as they can be more affordable than renting a car or using ride-sharing services.

Try house sitting

House sitting is a growing trend in the travel industry that can save you a lot of money on accommodation.

By taking care of someone’s home and pets while they are away, you get to stay in a comfortable environment for free. This option is especially popular for those who want to travel for longer periods, as the cost of lodging can quickly add up.

Many house-sitting opportunities also come with additional perks, such as access to a car or the use of a private pool.

So not only will you save money, but you’ll also experience life like a local and have a more unique travel experience.

Email hotels before your trip to let the concierge know you’re coming

When planning a trip, it’s always worth reaching out to the hotel beforehand to let them know you’ll be staying with them.

Many hotels will go out of their way to make your stay memorable, especially if they know you’re celebrating a special occasion or it’s your first time staying with them. Some hotels may even offer complimentary upgrades to a higher room category or provide you with a bottle of wine or other welcome gifts.

Establishing a personal connection with the hotel staff before you arrive makes you more likely to receive top-notch service and have a more enjoyable stay overall.

Subscribe to email alerts to find “mistake fares”

Mistake fares are an excellent way to snag a cheap flight, but they’re not always easy to find.

That’s why signing up for email alerts from airlines and travel sites is a good idea. They’ll send you notifications when there are new deals, including mistake fares.

You can also set up price alerts for specific flights you’re interested in. Another tip is to be flexible with your travel dates and destinations.

Hint: Clear your browser cookies and use incognito mode when searching for flights, as airlines can track your searches and raise the prices accordingly.

Try booking 2 one-way flights vs round-trip

While round-trip tickets are often the go-to choice for travelers, there are more cost-effective options.

Two one-way tickets can sometimes be a more affordable solution.

This strategy is particularly useful when traveling to multiple destinations or planning an extended trip. By booking two one-way tickets, you can be more flexible with your travel dates and may even find cheaper flights.

Researching and booking two separate flights is a bit more work, but the potential savings make it worth the effort.

Just remember to factor in any additional fees or baggage costs associated with each flight.

The 6-block rule

Don’t eat at restaurants near major tourist attractions.

They’re usually overpriced and overcrowded. So instead, venture out a little further to find hidden gems that are friendlier to your wallet and your taste buds.

Plus, you’ll explore the local scene and discover new places to love.

Shopping saving hacks

Saving money can be challenging, especially in a world with so many tempting things to buy.

5 shopping saving hacks

But fear not; there are plenty of clever and creative ways to keep your finances in check without sacrificing fun or style.

Unfollow social media accounts that promote needless buying

Social media can be a tempting shopping mall, but you don’t have to fall for it.

Cut down on the urge to buy by unfollowing accounts constantly pushing products. Let’s be honest. Those influencers aren’t your friends.

Protect your bank account and sanity by following accounts that inspire you in other ways.

Abandon your cart

Did you know you can score discounts on items left in your online shopping cart?

Many retailers will send you a follow-up email or notification offering a discount code to entice you to complete your purchase. This can be a great way to save money on items you have already considered buying.

So, instead of giving in to impulse buys, add items to your cart and wait a few days to see if you receive a discount offer. You might be surprised at the savings you can score!

Unsubscribe from brand emails

Email marketing has become one of the most effective ways for companies to reach customers.

But with all the tempting sales and promotions flooding your inbox, it can be easy to give in to the urge to buy, even when you don’t need anything.

That’s why it’s important to take control of your inbox and unsubscribe from store email lists.

But don’t worry about missing out on deals and discounts. Many stores offer one-time coupons or discounts to new subscribers, so you can still get the deals you want without the constant barrage of emails.

Go to the library

Using your local library is a fantastic way to save money and access many resources.

While Amazon might be the go-to for many people when buying books or media, your local library can often offer the same content for free.

And it’s not just books you can borrow. Many libraries also have DVDs, music CDs, audiobooks, e-books, and online courses and resources.

Have a funsies account

Budgeting doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Create a separate account for your “funsies” money.

Set aside a little bit of cash each month for things like going out to eat or treating yourself to a massage. You’ll feel more in control of your money and enjoy those treats even more.

Health saving money hacks

Whether you’re trying to build muscle, lose weight, or maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are plenty of ways to do it without spending a fortune.

4 health saving money hacks

Buy prescriptions at “warehouses”

With so many “warehouse” stores popping up (think Sam’s Club and Costco), you can now save big on prescription medications.

These stores offer a wide variety of generic drugs at a fraction of the cost of their name-brand counterparts.

Get insurance to cover your gym membership

Many insurance plans offer gym membership discounts or reimbursements.

Do some research and find out if your insurance plan covers gym memberships or if they offer any other wellness incentives.

Get ClassPass

If you’re a fitness junkie, you’ve probably heard of ClassPass.

This service allows you to take classes at various studios and gyms for a fixed monthly fee. With ClassPass, you can explore new workouts, find new friends, and keep your fitness routine exciting without breaking the bank.

Hot tip: I use ClassPass to get massages and pedicures at 30% off or more. 10 out of 10 recommend this approach.

Ditch the gym membership entirely

Working out at home is convenient and can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Instead of paying for a gym membership, you can access a wide variety of free workouts right from the comfort of your living room.

Or simply go outside for a walk or run!

And if you want to switch things up, you can easily find affordable workout DVDs or streaming services to keep your routine fresh and engaging.

Make more money

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Want to make some extra cash on the side? Look no further!

4 ways to make more money

Get a side-gig

Look for a side gig that can bring in some extra dough.

Whether selling homemade crafts on Etsy, driving for a ride-share service like Uber or Lyft, or pet-sitting for your neighbors, there are plenty of ways to make money.

Or try your hand at freelance writing, social media management, or graphic design.

The possibilities are endless, and the extra income can add up over time.

High-interest savings accounts

A high-interest savings account can be a great option if you want to maximize your savings.

These types of accounts typically offer interest rates that are much higher than traditional savings accounts, meaning you can earn more money on the money you’re already saving.

Plus, many high-interest savings accounts have no minimum balance requirements and no monthly fees, so you can start earning interest right away without worrying about additional costs.

Sell your junk

Do you have a closet full of clothes you haven’t worn in years or a garage full of old furniture?

Sell it!

Online platforms like eBay and Facebook Marketplace make it easy to get rid of unwanted items and earn extra cash. Plus, decluttering your space can positively impact your mental health.

And if you’re not keen on using online platforms, you can organize a garage sale or take your items to a consignment shop.

Rent out your car or extra space

If you’re looking for extra cash without committing to a second job, renting out your car or extra storage space can be a great option.

If you have a car that sits idle in your driveway most of the time, renting it out on Turo or Getaround can be smart. You can set your own rental price and availability, and the platforms handle the insurance and payment processing.

Similarly, if you have extra space in your home, you can rent it on Stache Storage.

It’s a platform connecting people with extra space with those needing storage. You can earn money by renting out your unused garage, attic, or basement to people in your community who need a place to store their belongings.

Saving money hacks: stop throwing your money away

We’ve got some serious money hacks to help you keep more of your hard-earned cash.

From making a meal plan and growing your food to unfollowing social media accounts promoting buying and investing in high-interest savings accounts, these tips will take your budgeting game to the next level.

With these money-saving life hacks in your back pocket, you’ll live the high life without breaking the bank.

I challenge you to pick at least one to use over the next month and let us know in the comments how much you saved.

Check out my recommendations page for more life-changing books, or sign-up for my program, Wealth On Purposewhere I host a monthly book club covering the top financial and self-improvement books.

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