To Be Magnetic Review: Affordable Way to Heal & Create Magic


Ever felt that something was missing, lost in the daily grind? 

Say hello to “To Be Magnetic” – a fresh perspective on personal growth. 

The buzz around manifestation is wildly prevalent these days, but To Be Magnetic (TBM) takes it up a notch.

In this review, we’ll explore what makes the program stand out. From tackling limiting beliefs to inner child healing, the program caters to all. 

No shortcuts, just the sweat for manifesting abundance.

What is To Be Magnetic?

TBM, created by Lacy Phillips, delves deep into science-based principles that create lasting change.

Gone are the days of merely pasting on a smile, saying an affirmation or to, and hoping for the best. 

The secret sauce?


Backed by psychology and neuroscience, Lacy’s work doesn’t just inspire change – it rewires your mental framework. 

Through science-based systems, the program empowers you to redefine your reality, break free from old patterns, and truly embrace the art of manifestation.

Who is the founder of To Be Magnetic, Lacy Phillips?

Between 2006 and 2011, Lacy Phillips, the founder of TBM, grappled with the unpredictable world of LA’s acting scene, juggling roles with waitressing shifts in restaurants and a comedy club. 

In 2012, her life took a turn as she shifted away from acting. 

A job at a Los Angeles preschool seemed promising, yet the two-hour daily commute weighed her down. During this grueling time, Lacy’s fascination with holistic wellness began to germinate, her resilience in the face of hardship becoming the crucible for personal growth.

Her late twenties marked the inception of Free + Native, her blog

Initially focused on holistic living, the blog underwent a metamorphosis; a poignant breakup triggered a profound introspection, inspiring the now-famous blog post, “I am an autonomous woman,” and later, the birth of TBM in 2018, at the age of 33.

What makes To Be Magnetic different than all the other manifestation methods?

Where traditional manifestation modalities skim the surface with affirmations, positive thinking, and writing your desires down 18 times a day (who has time for that?), Lacy Phillip’s TBM goes deeper. 

It combines ​​neuroscience, psychology, EMDRepigenetics, and some spirituality sprinkled in. 

Neural Manifestation

The TBM approach involves a sophisticated yet approachable process of rewiring our cognitive landscape for profound, long-lasting change.

Think of it as a step-by-step plan, combining basic psychology and brain science to tackle those sneaky limiting beliefs hanging out in the background, playing puppeteer with your subconscious thoughts.

You know that little voice that whispers you’re not good enough? 

Well, TBM helps you spot that troublemaker and kick it to the curb. 

Collaboration with experts

Lacy Phillips also works closely with medical professionals and healers on every product they release.

Lending a layer of credibility.


  • Janelle NelsonSpecializes in various therapeutic approaches, including EMDR and trauma-informed therapy. Janelle holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has extensive experience working with individuals struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.
  • Dr. Tara SwartNeuroscientist, medical doctor, and author specializing in combining neuroscience, psychology, and coaching to help individuals optimize their brain health and achieve their goals. 
Quote by Lacy Phillips

The To Be Magnetic method

The TBM method centers around a trio of core components:

  • Unblocking
  • Expansion
  • Aligned Action

Let’s take a look at each.


“Unblocking” recognizes that our beliefs, especially subconscious ones, can act as barriers that hinder our ability to manifest our desires. 

Unblocking involves identifying and dismantling these limiting beliefs, allowing you to pave the way for the manifestation of your goals. 

By shining a light on these patterns in what TBM calls “deep imaginings”, you gain the power to reframe them and replace them with empowering beliefs that align with your intentions. 

This process isn’t about bypassing challenges; it’s about acknowledging them and actively transforming them into opportunities for growth. 


Expanders embody the qualities, achievements, or experiences you aspire to manifest in your own life. 

The role of Expanders is to expand your perception of what’s possible and to serve as living proof that you can have anything you want.

Identifying Expanders isn’t about comparison; it’s about recognizing that if someone else has achieved what you seek, it’s an affirmation that you can achieve it, too. By studying their journeys and success stories, you absorb their energy, paving the way for your own transformation.

Expanders may be acquaintances, public figures, or even fictional characters. 

Aligned Action

Manifesting your desires involves more than just setting intentions—it requires taking deliberate and aligned actions. 

Rather than acting out of obligation or external pressure, TBM empowers you to make choices that align with your core values and desires.

Aligned actions become the tangible expressions of your inner desires, propelling you toward your envisioned outcomes. The program fosters a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between thoughts, intentions, and deeds, empowering you to consciously steer your journey.

By taking aligned action, you bridge the gap between your intentions and your reality.

What’s included in a To Be Magnetic membership?

The “To Be Magnetic” program offers a comprehensive array of offerings and deep imaginings designed to address specific aspects of personal growth and transformation. 

Each offering is tailored to cater to different areas of life, ensuring a holistic and targeted approach to manifestation work.

With the option of a la carte workshops or a year-long membership. 

How to Manifest

A workshop providing practical guidance on the art of manifestation. 

Rooted in the principles of neural manifestation, it equips you with tools and techniques to align your thoughts, emotions, and actions, creating a harmonious environment for your desires to materialize.

And simplifies, in plain English, the science behind manifestation.

Unblocked Inner Child

The Inner Child workshop shines a spotlight on a pivotal influence—your childhood—shaping your beliefs and behaviors.

By focusing on healing past wounds, nurturing your inner child, and bringing emotional growth, you initiate a transformative journey. 

This process unwraps the layers of unresolved childhood experiences, clearing a path toward authenticity and empowerment. As you mend these emotional fragments, you pave the way for a more profound, connected, and vibrant life as an adult.

Unblocked Shadow

We all have a light and dark side.

And meeting your shadow self is an integral (and often the scariest) facet of transformation. 

This step-by-step workshop assists you in embracing and integrating suppressed aspects of yourself, unlocking self-awareness and emotional equilibrium, nurturing holistic healing. 

The process bridges the gap between conscious and unconscious, leading to greater understanding and, more importantly, acceptance.

Unblocked Boundaries

Building and maintaining healthy boundaries is integral to personal well-being and thriving relationships. 

The Unblocked Boundaries workshops empower you to set boundaries with confidence. 

By learning to define limits and communicate effectively, you honor your needs. In embracing these boundaries, you cultivate an environment where your growth and relationships can flourish harmoniously.

Unblocked Love

Love is a fundamental aspect of human experience. 

And frankly, what brings many people to TBM.

​​Delving into love and relationships, the Unblocked Love workshop uncovers and dismantles blocks that might impede an authentic connection with your dream partner.

By addressing past wounds and misconceptions, you nurture an environment for genuine relationships to bloom, fostering a full life and deeper love for yourself and others.

Unblocked Money

Financial abundance is within reach when you overcome scarcity mindsets and cultivate a positive relationship with money

This workshop guides you to shift perspectives, cultivating a positive financial mindset. 

By aligning with abundance, you manifest financial wellness and a renewed sense of self worth and empowerment.

The Rut

If you’re feeling stuck or stagnant, The Rut provides tools and insights to help you navigate and overcome periods of inertia.

It encourages self-reflection and guides you in identifying patterns that might be hindering your progress.

Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom offers guidance and support in times of crisis or adversity to help you rebuild and emerge stronger. 

It provides strategies to navigate challenges and cultivate resilience in the face of difficulties, making challenges opportunities for growth and transformation.

Next Level

The Next Level workshop invites you to elevate your manifestations. 

This advanced phase delves into more intricate techniques, allowing you to transcend limitations and unlock new dimensions of potential.

Monthly Check-In

Regular self-assessment is crucial for ongoing growth. 

These check-ins aren’t about judgment or critique; they’re a platform to celebrate victories, acknowledge challenges, and unearth insights. 

They empower you to make informed decisions, to make adjustments that resonate with your evolving desires, and to realign with your authentic self. 

Lacy Phillip's Quote

How much does To Be Magnetic cost?

  • Access to All Workshops (Pathway Membership): 12-month access for $30 / month or $360 one-time payment
  • The Basics Bundle: 6-month access to How to Manifest, Unblocked Inner Child, and Unblocked Shadow) for $295
  • How to Manifest: 6-month access for $97
  • Unblocked Money: 3-month access for $68
  • Unblocked Love: 3-month access for $68
  • Unblocked Shadow: 3-month access for $68
  • Unblocked Inner Child: 3-month access for $68

Bonus: The Expanded Podcast

If you’re not ready to jump into the To Be Magnetic workshops, dip your toe in the water with The Expanded Podcast, hosted by Lacy Phillips and Jessica Gill.

Through insightful interviews, candid conversations, and expert insights, listeners gain access to a wealth of wisdom and practical tools to support their journey of self-discovery.

Each podcast episode explores topics that align with the core principles of “To Be Magnetic.” From delving into the power of neural manifestation to discussions on healing inner wounds and self-love.

To Be Magnetic review: Unblock, expand, and take action today

From workshops targeting inner child healing to those addressing boundaries, love, and money, TBM offers a holistic roadmap for growth. 

With a little side of woo woo.

While monthly check-ins and bi-annual challenges help you keep your momentum.

So, are you ready to unlock your potential, rewrite your story, and manifest the life you desire? 

Sign up for “To Be Magnetic” today and take that empowering step towards your own magic. 

Your transformation begins now.

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